N for Nice and Naughty – Hyundai i30 N review

Hyundai i30 N review New Zealand

Hyundai has forged a bit of a name for themselves in the family arena. The Santa Fe, the Tucson, the Kona even the IONIQ and beyond, all seem to have strong family appeal and for good reason. Hyundai has evidently thought long and hard about this target audience and produced very nice vehicles that fulfil […]

Smile on your dial – Ford Focus and Endura launch

Ford Focus and Endura launch New Zealand

When it comes to vehicles, the Motoring landscape is as diverse as the people that drive them and quite rightly so. We all seem to expect different things from the vehicles we sit behind the wheel of. Be it more seating room, more height, more boot space, more power or more technology (I could, of […]