Toyota Corolla 2015 – has popularity sewn up

For 26 years the Toyota Corolla has been NZ’s most popular car, so I jumped into the new Corolla Levin SX facelift to see if I could find out why. Facially I think it’s got ‘Cheshire cat grin’ look about it; accentuated somewhat by a black hexagon lower centre grille and pitch black surround. Angled […]

Ford Fiest ST – Arriba arriba

Speedy Gonzales was a Mexican cartoon mouse from my childhood, ‘the fastest mouse in all Mexico’ that ran rings around Sylvester the cat (later Daffy Duck) and helped his fellow mice gain entry to a coveted cheese factory. Speedy’s acceleration, cornering and agility thwarted all attempts to snare him always leaving his nemesis humiliated or […]