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Le Chopper – DS5

DS5 review New Zealand Have you ever been on the inside of a helicopter and sat up front? The reason I ask is that memories of my last flight came flooding back the moment I sat in the driver’s seat of the new DS5. It’s more about the glass or the visibility than the three […]

The ‘i’s have it (or do they) – Peugeot 308

Peugeot 308 review New Zealand On any normal day the GTi version outstrips the GT option in terms of performance and overall sportiness. The Exterior design is easily recognizable and the GTi interior has modifications that separate them the rest. Like I said, that’s on any normal day. The Peugeot 308 have broken the mold […]

BMW M2 – A Vermicious Knid

BMW M2 Review New Zealand Vermicious knids are huge dark egg shaped beings that live on the planet Vermes 184,270,000,000 miles away from earth and for some reason they are the first things that came to mind when I drove BMW’s new M2 rocket ship. It’s obviously not their shape that made me think of […]

W12 – Bentley Continental GT Speed

Bentley Continental GT Speed review New Zealand Growing up, there was literally nothing more quintessentially British to me than the BBC. Piped into our houses daily via cathode ray tube TV, the announcers spoke in the Queens English, the comedy was uniquely British (complete with canned laughter) and even world disasters felt somehow comforting when […]

It Rocks (without the Roll) – Mercedes GLE 63S

Mercedes-AMG GLE 63S review New Zealand Most popular songs work to a very similar format, verse, chorus, verse, chorus – repeat until story told (ideally) and then find a way for it to end. Yes this is very much simplifying the process and of course it needs to have things like an amazing soundtrack/catchy tune […]

Making Tracks – Alltracks in fact

Volkswagen Alltrack review New Zealand With the clocks going back an hour and temperatures dropping a few degrees it’s hard not to notice that Winter is in its way. Now normally this would be a great excuse to stock up on your favorite Merlot and start hunting down comfort foods and soups. The TV becomes […]

Trifecta factor – McLaren 570S

McLaren 570S review New Zealand A Trifecta is a term that would be known to anyone that has been around a horse racing betting office. It’s a parimutuel bet where the punter (the person laying the bet) predicts the placing on three horses in a race and bets accordingly. As the odds are high the […]

Tanner Foust likes my interview

I received an email from Tanner Foust (Top Gear USA) this morning – it reads… ‘I apologize if i didn’t respond to this earlier but thank you! The interview looks great and it was great to meet you! Hope to see you next year, tanner’ I interviewed him while he was in NZ taking part […]

Holy Moly – A Ferrari Experience

Ferrari at Bathurst 12 hour The Ferrari Australasia family invited me to spend four days with them in Bathurst sampling their cars, their racing team and their overwhelming hospitality; I have now started my adoption process. We arrived early; actually VERY early; at the Elizabeth Street Showroom in Sydney for vehicle allocation and departure to […]

A? Or should I say AY? Audi A4

Audi A4 review New Zealand I’m not a big lover of surprises, I don’t ‘hate’ them (which is the way I thought about starting this off) but over the years I have realized that most surprises air towards the negative. This doesn’t make me a pessimist, I’m more of a realist – the glass may […]