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Friday - 25 September 2020

Gmail and Drive are down worldwide

The sky is falling… or so you might think with the internet going crazy over a glitch at Google and people aren’t happy that their free email service is having a mare of a day. It’s not just Gmail either; Google Drive is experiencing issues as well.

Google acknowledged that there is a problem and it would be sorted in the ‘near future’.

It appears that there are a number of symptoms at play; some people can’t login at all whereas others can’t see their emails or Gmail starts coughing up blood when composing a new message.

Luckily most outages missed New Zealand working hours so let’s just go to bed and trust that the folks at Google will have it all sorted by the morning.

Setti Mulari
Nerd. Dad. Probably lived in more countries than you. Will stop to stare at nice cars.

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