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Change your satnav right now

Yes-yes-yes. Google Maps will get you there a wee bit faster, but Waze has recruited Batman and Riddler to voice their directions so that kind of makes up for staring at a wrong way sign as the Riddler is telling you to go for it.

I’m being tough on Waze, but only because I love it. In a previous life, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and everything was in black and white, we used to do this thing called “travelling” and Waze was amazing; at least in the locations I frequented in Europe and ‘Murica. Here in Aotearoa? Well, not so much and it kind of breaks my heart, but that’s okay. Waze relies on crowdsourced data so the four people in New Zealand that use the app just doesn’t do it justice, but maybe this bit of great news will entice you to check it out!

Waze rolled out Batman and Riddler voices and you can have them on your satnav until the end of October. This isn’t Uncle Tommy pretending to be ::deep voice:: Batman either; Waze called DC Comics and wheeled out Kevin Conroy and Wally Wingert for the job. Were you expecting Michael Keaton or Val Kilmer? Yeah, nah, but don’t worry, you’ve not been short-changed. Kevin Conroy voiced Batman in animated shows, movies and video games (ask your kids, he’s legit). Wingert voiced Riddler in the Batman Arkham games so you’re getting the real deal there, too.

You can also ditch your yellow/blue/red car icon for a flashy new 2020 Batmobile or Riddler’s Racer and link your Waze with Spotify to access Waze and DC Super Hero or Super-Villain playlists.

Go on… Waze is available for all kinds of phones, not just the two popular types, and it plays nicely on Android Auto so head to wherever you download your apps from and upgrade your satnav experience. It’s free.

Setti Mulari
Nerd. Dad. Probably lived in more countries than you. Will stop to stare at nice cars.

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